Paper presentation proposals should describe the aims, methodology, findings, theoretical and educational significance of the research and references.

The organizing committee would like to invite participants to submit the following types of papers: empirical, theoretical and best-practice papers. Should your work require an organisational format that differs from this, please do not feel limited by this.

Recommended structure of the abstracts

  • Articulation of relevance to geographical education
  • Significance for theory, policy and practice
  • Theoretical framework, conceptual rationale
  • Research method and design (research questions, context, participants, data sources, sampling, procedure, ethical issues)
  • Clarity of results or preliminary results and conclusions
  • Embeddedness in relevant literature
  • References

Every individual abstract should not exceed 2,000 characters. The authors are responsible for the content and language of the abstracts they submit.

Deadline for submitting the proposal is May 10, 2021.