Dear colleagues,
considering the uncertainty of the epidemiological situation, the conference will be organised in a hybrid way. This allows participants to choose to attend the conference in person or online. The type of participation can be changed, if necessary, until July 20. The organising committee is looking forward to welcoming most of you in person in Prague so you can fully enjoy the scientific and social programme. However, in case of a worsening pandemic situation, an online version of the conference is being prepared as a backup.

IGU-CGE 2021 International Conference takes place 10th–13th August 2021 in Prague, Czechia.

Geographical education researchers, teacher trainers and teachers from all around the world are invited to participate in the CGE 2021 International Conference with the main theme: Making connections: Cooperation and Networking in Geographical Education.

With this theme, the organising committee intends to support one of the main goals of the Commission on Geographical Education: the networking of researchers from all around the world who investigate geographical education from different perspectives. It is this networking of researchers that can be considered one of the main aspects of knowledge development (not only) in the field of geographical education. Geographical education is organised within different countries in different ways, but many features and characteristics are common to most countries. International cooperation can therefore help to multiply the effect of new findings and to help to solve research and educational issues in different countries and to develop states’ systems of education. Indeed, as, among other things, it is emphasized in the International Charter on Geographical Education, there is a need “…to support the global development and awareness of quality within geographical education to promote and encourage international co-operation by sharing limited resources and assisting educators in different countries to learn from each other.“

With regard to that, the conference will subsequently aim to create the conditions for internationalization of national researches and to strengthen the efforts to build international teams of researchers and educators.

Choosing the theme of the conference, the organisation committee is also building up on historical traditions. Since the medieval times, Central Europe has been an area that connected the eastern and western parts of Europe, Catholic and Orthodox civilizations, and where scholars from more distant countries have met and exchanged their experience. This tradition was one of the causes of the foundation of the Charles University (in 1348), the oldest European university north of the Alps, that is hosting the conference. For several days in August 2021, Prague will become once again the world capital of geographical education. Researchers, educators, teacher trainers and teachers interested in geographical education are invited to participate in the scientific programme (sessions, workshops, papers etc.) to enjoy a rich social programme and to enjoy the beauties of Prague.

Our Keynote Speakers

Michael Solem

Professor of Geography at Texas State University

Tine Béneker

Professor of Geography & Education at the Faculty of Geosciences, Utrecht University