The landscape, settlement and gold mines of Central Bohemia

Fee: 1,000 CZK (approx. 40 EUR)

Please, indicate your interest in the field trip when registering for the conference.

 A one-day field trip will take you to the confluence of two famous Czech rivers, the Vltava and Sázava. The region is remarkable not only because of the beautiful landscape (formed by canyons of the rivers flowing through the picturesque Central Bohemian hills) but also because of the rich history of its settlement. 

Amazing history

Since prehistoric times, the region has been settled by Celts who appreciated its central location and gold deposits. By the Middle Ages, the region had become important to all the Czech dynasties because of its source of golden wealth they wanted to protect. During the Industrial Revolution (19th century), there were many construction projects like railways, roads, bridges, mines, and factories. These were important for the whole Austro-Hungarian Empire. The last century (and its political changes) has transformed the landscape of the region to its present form. 

The itinerary

During the field trip, the participants will get a chance to visit places closely connected to the history of the region. We will visit the Celtic oppidum Závist (it was one of the biggest in Central Europe in the Iron Age), an old ruin monastery on an island at the confluence of the rivers Vltava and Sázava, an iron bridge over the Vltava river built in the 19th century (the bridge is known as the Bridge of Remagen from the American war movie), the Štěchovice water reservoir (with the first Czech hiking route that leads around hill hiding an abandoned WW II Nazi military base). Then we will spend time at the outlooks of the Vltava river canyon with famous picturesque views. Afterwards, the participants will go around the medieval gold mining town of Jílové with its renowned medieval pub where the lunch will be served. We will also explore the canyon of the Sázava river with the “Czech Pacific Railway”. Finally, we will dive into the gold mines of Jílové which were still producing gold at the end of the last century. For those not interested in going underground, there will be a river cruise or a walk along the Sázava river. 

Please note:

The order of locations depends on the weather and the number of participants. A bus will be provided to move between locations, every stop will be in a walking distance from the bus. Some portions of the tour will have a hiking option from 0.5 km to 5 km. Lunch and all fees are included in the price of the excursion.